Thursday, February 14, 2008

Big Wave Barack

UPDATE (more below): Big Spender Barack--the Obama Spendometer. Tax and tax.
Yesterday on the front page of everywhere Obama was anointed the Dem frontrunner. But has Barack peaked? Is the Obama wave cresting? Read Daniel Henninger.

And what about Michelle--is she wearing well? NY Times:

But Mrs. Obama’s confident, commanding presence has its drawbacks. At an address last month for an African-American awards gala in Atlanta, some in attendance were left feeling that she had been condescending, preaching to a group of achievers about the need to achieve.

“Her speech was very long and inappropriate for that occasion,” said Vivian Creighton Bishop, a public official in Columbus, Ga., who supports Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Obama has also had to learn to tamp down her sometimes biting humor because it too often leaves Mr. Obama as the punch line.
But then it'll be our fault if we don't elect Barack--if we don't get swept off our feet. And dragged down.

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg in the Trib today on "the audacity of Obama's hype".

UPDATE: It may not be over for Hillary. RCP polls here and here. And Sun Times: "Obama Takes Hit on Economic Policy". Jay Cost on polling. And via RealClear Markets, Stephen Moore on the economy.

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