Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Obama Foreign Fan Club

So the Obama team beats up on Hillary for lack of foreign policy experience. All fair points, but Obama suffers even more by comparison for that matter. Living overseas when you were six , or majoring in international relations, which Obama himself cited as his qualification does not cut it.

And since we're on the subject, what about Obama's foreign donors? Obama leads in small individual donations of under $200 which do not need to be disclosed. NY Sun:
However, one area of concern with the flood of donations, particularly those made online, is that foreigners could be weighing in illegally in an American election. Mr. Obama's Web site allows donors to choose an address in one of 227 possible countries or territories, including Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, and Yemen.
And his dubious foreign fans?

And then we have the spectacle of Greg Craig now on the Obama team:
But any fair-minded and objective judge of these claims - i.e., by someone not affiliated with the Clinton campaign - would conclude that Senator Clinton's claims of foreign policy experience are exaggerated.
... apparently yet another one of Obama's foreign policy advisers, late of the Clinton State Dept., who figured large defending Bill Clinton from charges of serial lying under oath.(for which Bill was later disbarred.) What is a fair-minded judge to think about Obama's judgment given the source of this testimonial?

P.S. A few more jogs down memory lane. You can't trust Democrats on national security.

UPDATE: Clinton team responds. RCP Blog. And CQ's Taegan Goddard: Obama Loses Control of the Narrative--and the nomination/convention?

UPDATE: Bret Stephens, WSJ:
There are many reasons the idea of an Obama presidency appeals to so many Americans, and not the least of them is that it appeals to so many non-Americans.[snip]

What happens to Obama-as-symbol when he actually has to govern, negotiate, settle for the unhappy and piecemeal compromises that are what democracy is about? What happens when he has to choose between the interests of his domestic constituencies -- on trade, for example, or the awarding of defense contracts -- and the interests of America's neighbors and allies? What happens when he has to bomb Pakistan for real, rather than in a Beltway policy address?[snip]

As for the uses of soft power toward America's enemies, no less an authority than Prof. Nye has pointed out that "North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il's penchant for Hollywood movies is unlikely to affect his decision on developing nuclear weapons."
UPDATE: Congress needs to approve the Colombian free trade agreement. Republican Rep. Eric Cantor, NRO, "Tension in the Andes: Pass Colombian free-trade agreement, curtail Chavez’s influence:
"But the isolationist fervor on the Democratic campaign trail has further exhausted Congress’s willingness to approve pending free-trade deals with important allies such as Colombia. Our Latin American friends have long complained that we treat them like a forgotten backwater. We sit on our heels, however, at our own peril. Our reluctance to deepen our economic ties with Latin America leaves a vacuum to be exploited by our adversaries. Venezuelan socialist megalomaniac-in-chief Hugo Chavez is making this point abundantly clear."
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