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The Obama Master Plan

UPDATE: (More below) More pieces of the puzzle fall into place--Michelle Malkin on Michelle Obama. ("God damn America") UPDATE: The Storm Intensifies. ABC's Good Morning America, the MSM picking up on FoxNews' report from last night and the WSJ's earlier story. Hate talk. Where's the love.
The Obama Master Plan.

Barack Obama's health care plan. Tribune:
Fearing a suburban hospital project might be torpedoed by politics, its backers sought out a consultant ostensibly to help keep the focus away from clout and on health care. So who got the job? A former Chicago ward boss.

Witnesses at the corruption trial of Antoin "Tony" Rezko on Wednesday laid bare an upside-down world of hospital regulation in Illinois, where medical need took a back seat to political connections, an old-boy network and a delicate balancing act of favors.
Barack Obama's tax plan. WSJ:
...Mr. Obama's plan would keep Social Security in the black for only three additional years. Under his proposal, annual deficits would hit in 2020, instead of 2017. By the 2030s the system would still run an annual deficit exceeding $150 billion.

Mr. Obama's modest improvements to Social Security's financing come at a steep cost. The top marginal federal tax rates would effectively increase to 50.3% from 37.9%, equivalent to repealing the Bush income tax cuts almost three times over.[snip]

Mr. Obama's plan shows the limits to taxing the rich as a solution to Social Security's problems. Top earners would effectively be tapped out, with taxes as high as economically and politically feasible, yet most of Social Security's deficit, and the much larger shortfalls in Medicare, would remain.
Barack Obama's plan for our defense:
And he has the experience to back it all up.

UPDATE: A new challenge for the surrender-at-any-price Democrats. HotAir:

Public confidence in the Iraq war has risen to its highest level in almost two years. Fifty-three percent now believe that the US will ultimately achieve its goals in Iraq, fifteen points higher than just six months ago, according to Pew Research:

American public support for the military effort in Iraq has reached a high point unseen since the summer of 2006, a development that promises to reshape the political landscape.

The Politico:

Democrats’ resolute support for the withdrawal of U.S. combat forces may soon position them at odds with independent voters, in particular, a constituency they need to retake the White House.

Half of self-identified independents polled now believe the United States should “keep troops in Iraq until the situation has stabilized,” according to polling data assembled by Pew at Politico’s request.
And Barack holds a presser in Chicago to talk about race in American politics. We are talking Democrat voters here. Tribune.Also appears with generals, one referring to him as No Shock Barack.

Dorothy Rabinowitz, WSJ, "Obama on Offense":
There's something reassuring about the usual election season blather over negative campaigning. That relief is a response, mostly, to any whiff of normality promising to emerge in the current Democratic race.

Still, the prospects are thin, given the rapturous response Mr. Obama has enjoyed at the hands of a good part of the press -- attitudes so obvious that the usual stern media denials that their coverage was other than objective have been hard to find. Anyone who doubts this bias has only to look at the past week's charges that Hillary Clinton and company have been playing the race card -- the latest in a series of such accusations made by Obama surrogates, carried forward by the media.

Obama playing the race card. And some thoughts on Michelle not so belle and her "for the first time in my life I am proud of my country" remark:

Everyone can have an untoward moment under the pressures of campaigning. It was obvious, nonetheless, that this was no blip, no failure to express her real thought. She said exactly what she'd wanted to say. And for doing so Mrs. Obama expected no amazed response. The comment reflected her deeply held, grim view of American society, one she was accustomed to sharing with others who thought likewise. Why should it not have come tripping from the tongue?

It was, furthermore, just one of numerous such revelatory statements she has regularly made. In speeches on the campaign trail she has held forth on her view of America, which is, as she describes it, a country that is "downright mean" and "driven by fear." She recently waxed irate over the American attention to security interests, arguing that we should be "changing the conversation" and building diplomatic relations "instead of protecting ourselves against terrorists." A minor note, to be sure, though it's to be hoped that a President Obama will not turn to this closest adviser for her views on the national defense.

But then he probably shares those views.

UPDATE: Michelle thinks she's talking to her latte liberal friends--no wonder Obama lost in Ohio. IBD editorial. Could be that's why we haven't seen her lately--angry and arrogant doesn't play well. Via HotAir:

In addition to damning America, he told his congregation on the Sunday after Sept. 11, 2001 that the United States had brought on al Qaeda’s attacks because of its own terrorism.

“We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye,” Rev. Wright said in a sermon on Sept. 16, 2001.

As you may recall, the Rev. Wright thinks highly of Louis Farrakhan and at least used to think Ghaddafi was a good guy. One more glimpse of his oratory. Wright for now is still part of Obama's campaign. Ben Smith:
Wright is a member of Obama's African American Religious Leadership Committee -- the sort of largely honorary, advisory body that in recent days has recently been used mostly to throw people off who say controversial things.
Quite the religious leadership skills.

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