Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Win for Individual Freedom

Guardedly good news on the Supreme Court overturn of the draconian DC gun ban. As Chicago's law resembles DC's, Mayor Daley is frightened, but then he has his own bodyguards, presumably. Quite the slam of his fellow Americans:
He described America as a country of gun-lovers who export their weaponry to neighboring countries like Canada and Mexico, spreading violence to relatively peaceful areas.
Hmm. Steve Chapman:
For a long time, the Supreme Court did its best to avoid the implications of the Second Amendment's reference to "the right of the people to keep and bear arms." Its decision today is a constitutional landmark, a triumph for individual freedom and a tribute to the power of ideas.
And the record is clear that gun control measures increase crime. Even in a suburb like Wilmette, the police can't always react fast enough. As usual, Barack talks out of both sides of his mouth, but Sen. McCain is decisive:
Unlike Senator Obama, who refused to join me in signing a bipartisan amicus brief, I was pleased to express my support and call for the ruling issued today. Today's ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller makes clear that other municipalities like Chicago that have banned handguns have infringed on the constitutional rights of Americans. Unlike the elitist view that believes Americans cling to guns out of bitterness, today's ruling recognizes that gun ownership is a fundamental right -- sacred, just as the right to free speech and assembly.
This underscores the importance of a McCain win in November, to protect our freedoms through the appointment of strict constructionist judges, who don't take the law into their own hands when it suits them.

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