Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama Communications Failure to Communicate

White House "Communications" Director Anita Dunn accuses Fox of not being a news network, and whines that they actually fact-check. I'd say this was a failure to communicate, hmm, hmm, hmm. (Apropos video below) Newbusters handily debunks, including this quip:

Wow! Isn't that terrible. Imagine the nerve of a journalist actually fact-checking a member of the White House.


Of course, on a related humorous note, the network she was praising, CNN, last week actually spent time fact-checking a "Saturday Night Live" routine.

I guess in Dunn's view, assuring the accuracy of a comedy sketch is far more worthy of a cable news network than auditing what a White House official said.
Note to Ms. Dunn--what do you think voters in red states that went blue last time usually watch in airports, or at home. Those may be back to being swing or red states these days, district by district. Americans like to make up their own minds--they're independent that way. Demonizing a network demonizes those who watch it. You do that at your own peril. Patriots Not Politicians are rising. I'd say it was a serious failure to communicate. The Obama administration, holding the whip hand: P.S. NY Times weighs in, with this at the end:
During the presidential campaign, Ms. Dunn said, it booked campaign representatives on Fox to try to reach undecided voters, but by mid-October, the campaign had mostly withdrawn them from the channel’s programs.“It was beyond diminishing returns,” she said. “It was no returns.”
Well, and Fox has more viewers now--how are you going to get them back? The election margin of victory for the Obamabots was not all that big. (P.P.S. Maybe the Obama administration should withdraw to the liberal MSM fortress of the Gray Lady. Who will they call a stalker next?)

We are all stalkers now.

Finally, I would say this. The President of the United States should be the president of all Americans. That is the difference between campaigning and governing.

That this administration does not realize they have a duty and responsibility to communicate to all Americans says a lot. That this administration does not seem to know it's not always about the votes but about the good of the country says a lot.

No wonder they are wrecking the country, they don't know how to manage their way out of a paper bag in the real world, all the while thinking they are God's gift--well, maybe we're being charitable--they think they're gods. And Barack Obama is their supreme being.

More. Michael Barone, 'Conceptual language' hides health care's cost. We the people want to read the actual bill, not be pushed around with "conceptual language" and our intelligence insulted by farcical costs that our children and grandchildren will be paying for. STOP LYING TO US--when you even deign to talk to us.

More. Legal Insurrection, Bloggers in Pajamas Unite! First they came for FoxNews...

UPDATE: Huffpo--
But while the administration certainly appreciates progressive new media, it remains wary of it. Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, in particular, regards the online left as impractical and counterproductive.
And Tea Partiers turn on GOP leadership. The Politico. This is news?

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