Monday, February 08, 2010

Is Rahmbo on the Chopping Block?

Via RCP, Core Chicago Team Sinking Obama Presidency, which discusses a searing Financial Times article by Edward Luce. All take no prisoners campaigning, no governing. Yes, he even has his political advisers take part in national security meetings. His cabinet are props while his numerous unaccountable political operative czars move the levers behind the scenes.

All campaigning no governing
. Well, golly gee, why is this a surprise? The Dem machine Obama springs from runs everything in Illinois and manages nothing. Obama himself believed running a campaign would be like running the country. (And his only other management experience was similarly hollow and spectacularly unsuccessful--shut up, just shut up!!!)

Unemployment here is over 11%, Illinois is 48th in business-friendly environments and taxpayers and jobs are leaving the state, which is essentially bankrupt with huge unfunded public-sector union pension obligations. Corruption and sleaze are endemic among Illinois Dems who have rarely had to be accountable to the voters. That may change this year. In Illinois, and nationally.

Democrats persist in thinking it's a communications problem. It's a policy problem.

He keeps the Rezko-tainted Valerie Jarrett close by his side (she may be Rahm's replacement), and Astroturf Axelrod prepping Gibbs with sneering spin, but they're having trouble juggling the lies lately. Barack Obama ran as a smiley-faced (lying) centrist. Once in office he blatantly broke numerous promises and backed the leftist policies pushed by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Rahmbo was his point man on all of that.

Rahm may not be welcome at home either. (Then again, maybe Mike Madigan will appoint him Lt. Governor)

Eric Holder is the one cabinet member who has been out in front--his criminal incompetence and mind-spinning inconsistency on Gitmo/Thomson, the terror trials and the Christmas bomber may get him fired before Rahm.

...then again, the President may double down, as he did in his SOTU. Because he's an ideologue for one. The other reason is that he doesn't have the intellectual or managerial confidence to handle the Team B suggestion of Mr. Clemons. He has to keep the Chicago Way people close--because he doesn't know any other way.

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