Friday, April 09, 2010

Don't Call Me Angry

Would your local paper call a mom concerned about her child being injured, rather than about her future in this country, angry?

Would the NY Times call someone in aid of their agenda and worried about paying the bills angry?

Has the MSM covered all the violence of the last several years engendered by the left?

And that is the Big Lie too.

Don't call me angry. Call me OUTRAGED.

I know I'm not alone:
These people who “fear” the Tea Party people must be afraid of being hit over the head by a walker, because most of these Tea Partiers are more like Aunt Bea in Mayberry, than Bill Ayers.
...These are the people of the tea parties. We the people.


Jaded said...

AMEN sister! I am outraged as well and as women (mothers) make up the MAJORITY of the TEA Party Movement it will be an 80+ turnover in the House plus an additional 9 Senators to STOP this Socialist!

Anne said...

We'll work for that!

Yes, I have seen lots of women at the rallies, and in the leadership.

Good to hear from you!