Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Chicago Tax Day Tea Party 2010 Photos

Thank you again, Rick Santelli! These guys, one an army veteran, came up from the South Side, loading their bikes on the train. His buttons say Open the Books, and Right Wing Radicals, with pictures of the Founders. So many great signs A Sox fan, giving our President Barack Obama some tips: Close up of the sign: Some young tea partiers along for the ride. Some hardy seniors With good taste Some government employees looking out at the crowd below Remembering those who serve A worried grandparent Clear as a bellNot a Waxman fanThere were some plants we identified I especially like this sign And this one A friendly gatheringWonder Woman, Uncle Sam, and the Picasso Sending a message Cook County Candidate John ArringtonDr. Arie Friedman, pediatricianYoung ones in the crowd Are you listening Melissa Bean? Are you listening Congress? Mr. President? Chicago Tax Day Tea Party 2010.

Earlier post here, with videos, in case you missed it.


Lisa G in NZ said...

great great... loving that Chicagoans are protesting - as they should!

Are Chicago and Illinois sick of the corruption in politics yet?

hope so... :)

Anne said...

We'll work at it!

Thanks Lisa