Monday, June 14, 2010

Conservative Women Citizen Legislators

Abortion has receded as an issue as the Boomer feminists age, as we can see life in the womb on camera, and as women are the norm in the work force. Ramesh Ponnuru:
These days socially conservative women are likely to have careers, too. The growing number of Americans who consider themselves pro-life suggests that fewer people, of either sex, consider access to abortion to be crucial to women’s economic success. The pro-life stance generally wins Republicans votes in general elections, because pro-lifers are more likely to vote on the issue than pro-choicers are.
Most voters aren't single issue, however, and this year concern about our national debt, jobs and the economy rank on top (along with terrorism).

That's what this year's most recent election winners are emphasizing. They claim feminism, but in terms of empowerment and opportunity, not victimhood. And it's not the Right that's demeaning and objectifying women.

Now money-losing Newsweek mocks Sarah Palin as some kind of saint--how over the top--listen, you guys are the ones who deified Barack Obama--well, along with Barack himself. Conservatives are considerably more humble and realistic about their talents.

Yes, religion is a part of her life, as it is for many women, including me, who are not evangelical, and alternate between Catholic and Lutheran churches and choirs--that is when I go to church at all.

I don't usually blog in religious terms, I make the moral and ethical argument, and I look at unintended consequences. That's pretty much Palin's approach too. It's only some on the Left who think religion in itself is overwrought--this from people who thought utopia would come with the election of the Barackstar brand.

Jay Nordlinger notes Palin was a Forbes supporter, which Jennifer Rubin commented on as well a few months ago.

As I said then, gee, what a hick.

When Steve Forbes ran as I recall he was the top pick early on among New Trier precinct captains in our well-heeled, well-read independent suburbs of Chicago.

And more than a few noted this initial speech post-election.

It's interesting, a lot of the conservative women running have had careers other than politics first. They actually know something about something else. What a concept.

Now they can become citizen governors, or legislators, in the best Tea Party spirit of the founders.

More. Hillary supporter Taylor Marsh at Huffpo: "Do you believe that women should have the very same individual rights and full freedoms as men?" Well Taylor, I'll ask you this--do you believe in the individual rights of human life?
...We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness...

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