Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On (Ron Johnson) Wisconsin! Badger Red:)

It's my childhood to young adult state so I watched the first debate between faltering Dem Senate incumbent Russ Feingold and citizen challenger Ron Johnson in which Feingold attempted to claim the TEA party mantle. HAHA.

The second debate ended with Johnson, already leading in the polls, even stronger.

Thomas Sowell's take on the race. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is shaken out of its usual liberal complacency, noting the libertarian influence that fuels Johnson's rise: Hot novel 'Atlas Shrugged' stars in Senate debate. (A hot novel that's been out for a while but has unusual salience this year.)
U.S. Senate candidates Ron Johnson and U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold clashed sharply Monday night on Ayn Rand's famous novel "Atlas Shrugged," about an economy crumbling under the weight of government intrusion and regulations.

There was more in what was a remarkable debate in a highly contentious political campaign.
And The Politico is following this one:In Wisconsin, the 2010 campaign story distilled

They may call him rich but he worked hard to build up his business himself, along with his brother-in-law, and created jobs for now over 100 people in Wisconsin. His latest ad, which ran during the Packer game Sunday: Nearly half of Obama's supporters have given up on him.

Wisconsin put Obama over the top against Hillary in the Dem presidential primary.

But when the president came to campaign for Sen. Feingold he had to work hard to rouse young Wisconsin voters in the heart of liberal lalaland, UW Madison. And Feingold stayed shy until the last minute.

The final debate is Oct. 22nd in Milwaukee.

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Steve Burri said...

Just a few months ago I thought Feingold bullet-proof. I hope November proves may Democrats have lost their Kevlar.

I still think it is funny that Feingold and Paul Ryan graduated from the same high school.

Anne said...

I sure hope Feingold is toast too:)

Ah high school. Did Feingold think Ryan was eeeeevil way back then?