Monday, October 25, 2010

Pat Quinn Sells Out Taxpayers Again. Caves to Thuggery

Pat Quinn has always run as a good-hearted reformer who would prevail if only those nasty machine types would let him.

He endorsed Blago not once, but twice. He ran with him for reelection when Blago was under NINE separate federal investigations.

Quinn moved from Lt. Governor to Governor when Blago was impeached.

So what's Gov. Quinn doing these days, while Illinois is dying.

Rated one of the worst governors in America, for good reason.

It's not enough that Dem Governor Pat Quinn stood by while Illinois state Sen. Rickey Hollywood Hendon made the most sickening slurs against Republican candidate for governor, Bill Brady, then shook Hendon's hand. Knowingly despicable.

It's not enough he made a secret deal selling us out to the piggy unions sinking this state.

Now Pat Quinn is selling out taxpayers again, on the eve of the election. Chicago Daily Observer:

We now have a new sell out Quinn can add to his list, and this one may be the most blatant of all. As ABC 7 recently reported, Quinn cut a deal with the Chicago Association of African American Transporters promising to pay all of their unpaid bills within ten days. Now, we all want state bills to be paid in a timely, efficient manner, but what makes this so interesting is that this same group of medical transporters threatened to withhold their votes for Quinn unless he paid them their overdue money.

What are the problems here, other than the fact that we just saw the previous Governor convicted of a felony for abusing the power of the state’s top office. Now we have Quinn, his predecessor and running mate, ensuring state funds go to organizations that threaten to withhold their support for his candidacy with only a little over a week before election day. This goes beyond political horse-trading and arm-twisting; this is blatant abuse of power and should be investigated by the proper authorities.

Not only that, but because Quinn moves this group up the list of those to be paid, some other group has just been bumped back down to the bottom, all so the Governor can secure needed votes.
This is Blago all over again, an abuse of power, only Quinn's not squeezing people, he's being squeezed.

The thugs are in charge.

God help us.

VOTE Bill Brady for Illinois
. Because he actually cares about this state and will actually do something to fix it.

Give him a mandate to bring Illinois back from the living dead.

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