Monday, August 22, 2011

They stomped on his head. Mob Action, Chinatown, Chicago

Most of those charged came from the north side, traveling down the El to Chinatown, just south of the downtown loop. 16 and 17 year olds.

The robbery of the cell phone is just an excuse, a trophy. After all, they organized themselves via cell phone.

Police are investigating whether they've been involved in other flash mob incidents. Like maybe the one that started out the summer, along the lakeshore, in huge numbers. Since last spring there have been robberies of upscale stores near Chicago's historic Water Tower, and face-smashes of cyclists and students, tourists. Then we had an incident in Boystown.

Now Chinatown.

Going after the more vulnerable.

The other.

How will the PC crowd handle this. After all, they like groupthink.



Even though crime here has dropped for 31 months in a row, Chicago’s murder rate per 100,000 is still much higher than in New York or Los Angeles.

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

 Illinois is the only state without concealed carry
by backyardconserv
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