Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Steny Hoyer Goes Rogue

Speaks to Third Way think tank. (No, not the Tea Party). He names names. Via e21, TaxVox. “We’re Lying to Ourselves and Our Children”.

More and more, leaders are speaking out. This time the head of the Business Roundtable. WSJ:
Verizon Communications Inc. Chief Executive Ivan Seidenberg, current head of one of the nation's most influential business groups, slammed the Obama administration for decisions he said "create an increasingly hostile environment for investment and job creation."

In comments marking one of the sharpest breaks between top executives and the Obama White House, Mr. Seidenberg used a speech at Washington's Economic Club to unleash a list of policy grievances over taxes, trade and financial regulation.

In part:

But he urged the administration to "focus on the big goal," meaning job growth, "and stop trying to micromanage industries."

He characterized the U.S. corporate-tax structure as "a major impediment to international competitiveness," citing administration efforts to raise taxes on foreign earnings and slow movement on a proposed overhaul of the U.S. corporate tax code. Here's another one:

On trade, he said, "we need to make sure the U.S. isn't a fly-over zone when it comes to international trade and foreign investment," citing slow movement on ratifying agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea amid concerns by labor groups and others.

These free trade agreements have been needed for some time. Nothing has changed on that score:

... leaving a billion dollars on the table for American exports and jobs by opposing the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. When Obama tried to suggest our ally Colombia had a suspect human rights record (very old news) McCain asked why then was Obama willing to meet their narco-terrorist supporter and dictator neighbor Hugo Chavez in Venezuela without preconditions. Obama smirked again.

Those 250,000 real private sector jobs are even more desperately needed now. This administration keeps doubling down on radical, leftist policies which are destroying America now, and for the future. Their answer on Louisiana? Shut down the coast. Getting pushback now even from a judge, but they're monkeying around with the berms, even as oil threatens the coast and a tropical storm is looming. And how come this president hasn't waived the Jones Act? Not to mention plugging the damn hole.

More news this morning: The FDA Is Killing Private Enterprise How the heck is a Q-Tip a medical device?

America is going Rogue.

Remember in November.

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