Tuesday, September 28, 2010

J Street's Disgrace

It's an issue in the Illinois 9th Congressional District: Pollak to Schakowsky:"Give back the J Street cash!":
"J Street, which opposes Israel at every opportunity, has been forced to admit that it takes money from George Soros and overseas donors," Pollak said. "Jan Schakowsky is one of the top recipients of J Street cash--roughly $50,000 as of June and perhaps twice as much overall."
TAS: J Street's Deception

And TWS:
The liberal lobbying group J Street, which has operated under the pretense of being pro-Israel, has really taken a hit in the last week. Eli Lake of the Washington Times uncovered that, despite J Street’s longstanding insistence to the contrary, the group has received significant funding from financier George Soros and his children. Additionally, the same report revealed that J Street received $811,967, from a woman named Consolacion Esdicul, a resident of Happy Valley, Hong Kong and an associate of Bill Benter, a hugely successful international gambler.
Jan Schakowsky is on the House Intelligence Committee. Didn't she do any due diligence?

But she thinks Joel Pollak is scary.

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