Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's with the Chicago Hamas Tour of FBI? Etc. Etc.

Follow up on the "peace activist" SEIU steward and the Arab American Action Network's alleged material support to terror arrest in Chicago the other day. In reading Chicago media reaction or lack of it, I also noted this other story on ABC7's site.

Then came this: Big Peace. Patrick S. Poole: FALLOUT: ‘Plugs had to be pulled on our system’ to clear Hamas operative to tour Top-Secret NCTC, ‘The NCTC has Kifah Mustapha on the highest watch list we have’

Now this: Patrick S. Poole: FBI-HQ claims Big Peace article on Hamas Operative ‘Totally Fabricated’ and Photo ‘Doctored’

Chicago also hosted a parade of horribles conference the other day, as the terror tempo increases in Chicago. American Thinker. Creeping Sharia: Obama admin to meet with CAIR, ISNA, OIC leadership in Chicago

In case you missed it, video of the simulated explosion if the Times Square bomber had been successful. Feds release chilling footage of damage Faisal Shahzad could have done if ...

Apparently he was planning another one. Times Square plotter planned to attack again, prosecutors say

And he had help. Shahzad contacted Pak Taliban to report failed Times Square bombing attempt

Did you know the German mosque that hosted the 9/11 bomber Mohammad Atta was also tied to the foiled European bomb plot, which, among other beloved landmarks, threatened to blow up the Eiffel Tower. ABC's The Blotter: 9/11 Mosque Continued To Produce Jihadis and that the Yemeni-American imam Anwar al Awlaki (see video) who inspired the Ft. Hood killer has is on the move as well.

And how interesting that the European bomb plot is described as similar to the Mumbai attack, where terrorists methodically slaughtered people. Did you know one of the planners for that plot was arrested in Chicago? And that he also conducted surveillance on a nuclear plant? He changed his name to sound more American and was harbored at a meat plant in Kinsman, Illinois. Then there's this other guy.

This kind of thing is real.

No, photo is not of FBI HQ, it's the mock-up of the Ground Zero mosque.

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