Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Terror Double Header

7/7 inquests: smoke from bombed train 'like erupting volcano'

Man arrested for DC bomb plot set up

...Make that triple threat: Bin Laden issues warning -- to French...

More on the DC bomb plot. What CNN leaves out. FoxNews:
On May 15, in a hotel room in Sterling, Va., Ahmed told one individual that he might be ready to travel overseas to conduct jihad, but only after he completed the Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in November, according to the indictment.[snip]

In fact, on July 7, he participated in surveillance and recording images of Arlington Cemetery Metrorail station. The next month, he allegedy participated in surveillance of the Courthouse, Pentagon City and Crystal City Metrorail stations outside Washington.

During a meeting at a hotel in Herndon, Va., on Sept. 28, he suggested that rolling suitcases be used instead of backpacks, and he said that he wanted to kill as many military personnel as possible, according to the indictment.
WaPo reports and ends with this:
Another man, Michael Finton, 29, awaits trial in March on similar charges, after driving an FBI-supplied van that he believed contained a ton of explosives to blow up the Paul Findley Federal Building and Courthouse in Springfield, Ill., also in September 2009.

At a recent Senate hearing, Michael Leiter, head of the National Counterterrorism Center, said the United States was experiencing a "spike in homegrown violent extremist activity," some of it involving individuals who were radicalized over the Internet.

Since 2009, more than 6o U.S. citizens have been charged or convicted in terrorism cases, according to federal officials.
This guy had a job too, and a wife and child.

This doesn't fit the template of the left--that these guys are victims. No. They are well-educated terrorist bullies.

...His wife wore a full hijab, and was the organizer of a group in northern Virginia--"Hip Muslim Moms".

More. AP. He says he can't afford a lawyer, but:
Ahmed provided the videos to someone he believed was part of a terrorist organization and said he wanted to donate $10,000 help the overseas fight and collect donations in a way that would not raise red flags.
Oh, well, maybe he was counting on other people's money. More from AP:
At the White House, press secretary Robert Gibbs said President Barack Obama was aware of the investigation before Ahmed was arrested. Gibbs also offered assurances that the public was never in danger.
How reassuring, Gibbs is on the job.

More. Pix shows a nice federal-style townhouse.

More. Big Peace: DC Subway Bombing Plot Part of a Wider Plan, Andy McCarthy: The Influence of Hamas in American Media

And what about this. NY Post:

An aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid repeatedly lied to federal immigration and FBI agents and submitted false federal documents to the Department of Homeland Security to cover up her illegal seven-year marriage to a Lebanese national who was the subject of an Oklahoma City Joint Terror Task Force investigation, has learned.

Diana Tejada, Reid’s Hispanic Press Secretary, admitted to receiving payment for “some of her expenses” in exchange for fraudulently marrying Bassam Mahmoud Tarhini in 2003, strictly so he could obtain permanent U.S. residency, according to court documents.

Maybe Sen. Reid can reassure us that the public was at no time in danger.

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