Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cut the ObamaCare Propaganda Sales Force NOW

$100 billion in the Obama budget for these political medical shock troopers, fanning out to undermine our health care with decade-old and often discredited data:
AHRQ is mentioned in the Obamacare law 12 times. The agency and its consultants -- most of them true Obamacare believers -- are responsible for determining what preventive services we get, what health care "quality" is, what should be cut from Medicare and what new technologies should be paid for.

AHRQ was behind the decision to restrict breast exams to women over 50. It supplied the "evidence" for annual end of life counseling for the same seniors it decided shouldn't get screened for depression or hip fractures. Meanwhile, it's funding radical organizations pushing for sex change operations and the autism-vaccine link.
The left brought you politicized science. Now it's politicized medicine. Imagine ACORN/Planned Parenthood style operatives unleashed in your doctor's office. Eventually having veto-power over your doctor--and your life, or the life of a loved one.

We need to repeal and replace.

P.S. And explode the stealth. “Obama’s radical plans are leading us off a cliff. In this and all measures Obama.

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