Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wikileaks: Chicago Terror Target

Remember American Jose Padilla, thought to be planning to dirty bomb Chicago? Per Wikileaks, he met with KSM. Chicago Tribune.

Padilla as terrorist was pooh-poohed by some of the press, though he was convicted on other charges. Luckily he was questioned under the Bush administration:
More. Thomas Joscelyn, TWS: Obama Officials Wrong on Padilla. (You know, the guy who was arrested at O'Hare.) Al Qaeda terrorist Jose Padilla started talking only after he was designated an enemy combatant.
And this:
Byron York WaPo: Night of Obama inauguration, defense lawyers at Gitmo 'formed a boisterous conga line,' shouting 'Rule of law, baby!' 24 Apr via HootSuite
At least by the time all these Wikileaks docs came out the Obama/Holder "Justice" Dept. decided to keep Gitmo open and hold military tribunal terror trials there again--no thanks to Obama/Holder's lawyer buddies, many residing in the "Justice" Dept. now.

Another myth of the left debunked, though surely this wasn't Julian Assange' intent. TWS: Wikileaks: The Iraq Al Qaeda Connection Confirmed, Again

...And Chicago continues to be a terror target--as I'm sure are other American locations--including those on our porous border. Terror methods in the drug war.

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