Monday, November 01, 2010

Scenic Chicago in the Crosshairs

Senior administration officials told ABC News that, after the September shipment was discovered, U.S. intelligence agencies had specific concerns about the Yemen-based group's interest in Chicago, noting not only the destination of the September shipment, but also a photograph of the Chicago skyline in a magazine recently published by the terror group's propaganda arm.

US intelligence "intercepted the packages in transit," the senior intelligence official said, searched them, and then allowed them to continue to Chicago.

"The dry run is always important to al Qaeda," said Dick Clarke, a former White House counterterrorism official and now an ABC News consultant. "In this case they wanted to follow the packages using the tracking system to know exactly when they got to a point, how long the timer had to be set for, so the bomb would go off at the right point, which presumably was over Chicago."

Back in September. Terror Tempo Increases in Chicago, USA

And they're still looking for packages:
Last Friday and Saturday, the Obama administration assured Americans that they had enough advance knowledge of the latest al-Qaeda-attempted terrorist attack to stop it in its tracks. Today, the Associated Press reports that their initial assessment of the targets was probably incorrect and that AQ actually intended to blow planes up mid-air. What’s more, they came close to succeeding, because two of the packages flew on passenger jets before being discovered
Or something else.

So they say.

What's with the Chicago Hamas Tour of FBI, Etc. Etc?,

...And can we kill the idea of Gitmo North for good? So scenic is Chicago.

And it's not just Jews Al Qaeda targets: 52 Iraqi Christians killed by al Qaeda after raid on church

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