Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Keep the Bad Guys at Gitmo, Toss the Foolish Whiners Out of the White House

Have we ever had a more pathetic excuse of an Attorney General than Eric Effing Holder. He and his boss repeatedly bad-mouthed the Bush administration on Gitmo, now reluctantly acknowledge the wisdom of their approach. You know, keep terrorists incarcerated, their trials away from populated areas, and don't grant them full American civil liberties. As the Journal points out, Democrats led the opposition to a trial in NYC, though I can't give duplicitous Dem Sen. Durbin here the same credit on questioning the sense of Thomson, Il as Gitmo North. That goes to many of us in Illinois, including then Rep., now Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), and other Illinois Republicans. (By the way, Sen. Kirk is profiled in Roll Call here.)

Morning Joe, in a rare burst of candor, rakes them over the coals. Via Newsbusters: We made a concerted effort to expose the Dems' sleight of hand on this issue and succeeded in pushing them back to a common sense stance.

No one should be under the misimpression that today’s decision was made by the Justice Department, even if it is being announced by Attorney General Holder. From the start, the attorney general has been implementing President Obama’s policy — it was the president who, as a candidate, campaigned on returning the country to the pre-9/11 counterterrorism model that regarded al-Qaeda’s onslaught as a mere law enforcement problem.

That policy was a debacle. The American people want national security challenges treated like national security challenges, not like a crime wave. While public opinion regarding military operations in Iraq has been sharply divided, Americans strongly support a war footing when it comes to protecting our homeland from terrorist attack.

Kirk and Illinois lawmakers' statement:
Statement by Illinois Lawmakers on Administration’s Shift on Thomson Prison

Kirk joins Illinois House Members in supporting Administration's announcement

WASHINGTON - United States Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill) today joined Illinois House Members Aaron Schock (R-Peoria), Don Manzullo (R-Rockford), Adam Kinzinger (R-Joliet), Randy Hultgren (R-Dixon), John Shimkus (R-Collinsville) and Bobby Schilling (R-Moline) in issuing the following statement on the Administration's announcement that Khalid Sheikh-Mohammed and other Gitmo detainees would face trial before a military tribunal:

We appreciate the Administration’s reversal of position in agreeing not to transfer any Gitmo detainees to Thomson and look forward to working with them to complete the sale of Thomson to the Bureau of Prisons for use only as a federal prison. We will remain vigilant to ensure Congress stands with the American people and extends the current prohibition on transferring any Gitmo detainees to the United States.

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