Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New O'Keefe Sting Russian Drug Dealers:Medicaid Fraud Ohio. Illinois?

Another unbelievable video, this time it's not a non-profit like ACORN, it's a government entity. Let's recall ACORN is essentially institutionalized in ObamaCare, another reason for repeal. Here in an Ohio Medicaid office you see the systemic rip off the taxpayers, excuse all manner of illegal degradation mentality:
In the video, the men explain to Ohio Medicaid workers that they are Russian immigrants who sell illegal drugs, drive a modified McLaren F1 sports car with a gold-coated engine, and use their underage sisters to perform sexual favors in exchange for drugs.
In response, Ohio employees tasked with disbursing federal Medicaid dollars are shown coaching the men through the process of applying for benefits.
Watch: Is there Medicaid fraud in your state? Chances are there is. Medicaid is already bankrupting us. Illinois passed a law with bipartisan support to enact means-testing and establish state residency, checking eligibility, not changing it, but the Obama administration said no:
"As you know, the Medicaid program is one of the reasons why the Illinois credit rating is declining so fast. Gov. Quinn's 66 percent increase in taxes have not closed the gap in our funding problems and it's the Medicaid program that's one of the programs that's causing us to go into deficits and debt, not just in Washington, but also in Springfield," Kirk said.
Kirk says that while a provision in the Obama administration's health care overhaul gave the federal government the power to override the legislation, he believes it's the wrong decision.
You have to conclude the Obama administration wants to keep this program wide open--in an election year, useful for buying votes.

But to really win the future, we have to let the blue model go, and eradicate the crime that goes with it--government-sponsored in large part. The trial lawyers. The teachers' union. The core of the Democrat party, ripping us off right and left.

More, related, Illinois, (the Obama administration model): 510 more paid vacation days for state employees

Criminals are given a pass--even invited to help themselves to benefits-- and other Americans who work hard and pay for it all are treated like criminals. Related post: Wynn: this is Obama's deal and it's Obama that's responsible for this fear in America

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