Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Will we stand with the American people, or their oppressors: 23 get $56MM

I hear our President Barack Obama is making yet another speech, this time at the UN, home of unelected dictators. Well, we elected ours. I've got the tube on and he's talking about standing with the oppressors of the Syrian people. Who's oppressing us here at home, hmm?

On the one hand we've got the gangster government crony capitalists, on the other the Big Union bosses this president and White House cater to. What's goin' on in Chicago, a city so broke Mayor Rahmbo desperately wants to bring in a casino--with the city as the house. What could go wrong? (Did you watch that new Playboy show the other day. The up and coming state's attorney has mob connections.)

A little tweak twenty years ago gives us this: Law gives huge pension perks to union leaders. In all, 23 expected to collect combined $56 million in their lifetimes Then there are the union pension funds going bankrupt so the rank and file may be out of luck, but you don't hear about that.  

And it's only part of the big oppressive picture.

P.S. Rahm's going to Iowa and Buffet's coming to Chicago. The oppressive poison spreads.
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