Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lord of the Flies/Occupy Oakland

So we had thievery and laptops stolen in Occupy Wall St. to the dismay of some. A relatively well-heeled bunch with a propensity for...

An alleged rape in Occupy Cleveland

While in Oakland, raw violence and intimidation:
From the Oakland Tribune:
The next thing Hughes knew he was in a headlock, then he was being punched, and then he was on the ground as a large man began to choke him.
This happened as Hughes, a substitute teacher and Occupy Oakland resident, tried to keep a larger man who also lived in the camp from threatening a woman there.
Read on.

Then there's our Vice President, Joe Biden, throwing around threats of rape to pass yet another failed bailout bill

Got some volunteers lined up, Joe?

This is what Democrats/O-cuppy USA look like.
What's remarkable, though, is how anxious the Obama campaign appears to be to get on the protesters' good side.

I asked Axelrod by email this week whether he saw a need to keep any distance from a movement that was both critical of the president and, well, a little fringy.

"No," he replied. "I think some of the frustration and outrage they're expressing are also being expressed much more broadly…. People are angry. And they should be."
So go on down there, Davy baby. And bring Barack with you. I'm sure he thinks he'll feel right at home. But his community organizer buddies have ripped off the happy face this time round.

More. Daniel Henninger. Compared to this group, Mark Rudd and the Columbia University sit-ins of 1968 were Periclean Athens.

Rep. Allen West (R-FL): West To Obama: MLK Jr. Would Not Have Supported "Occupy" Protests

Day by Day. Andrew Breitbart.

Andrew Breitbart: Source: ABC Reporter’s Life Allegedly Threatened at Occupy Oakland; ‘We Shoot White Bitches Like You Around Here’

...Already picketing the Pritzkers in Obama's Chicago. (They want the park, they want the target)

And then there's the anti-Semitism.

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