Friday, January 06, 2012

The sordid story of a Chicago community organizer

This is where it all went wrong:
When Finney started as a civil rights activist during the 1960s, Woodlawn was filled with taverns and run-down graystone buildings, many of them burned out in "insurance fires."
Back then, Finney was poised to take over his father's Leon's Barbecue chain of restaurants.
But, as part of what The Woodlawn Organization co-founder Bishop Arthur Brazier dubbed "a revolution of rising expectations," Finney instead helped beat back plans by the U. of C. to tear down those buildings and expand its campus south into Woodlawn.

The organization also chased out local grocers who price-gouged their African-American customers and, for a brief period, convinced the Blackstone Rangers gang to contribute toward neighborhood improvements. That effort dissolved in 1972, when four of the gang's leaders were found guilty of using $1 million in federal grants for a phony job training program.
At inception.

Presumably a price-gouger and his security get their due. Another price-gouger I'm sure.

Enough is enough. Cut all this stuff off. And let an honest man or woman make an honest living without having to compete with crooks and pols and curry favor.

This is where Barack Obama chose to live when he got out of school. This cesspool of leftist thugs he has systematically elevated in his administration:
But perceptive African-Americans see things differently than do Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, and perhaps Barack Obama.  Brilliant thinkers such as Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell have written many books and columns decrying the harm that comes to blacks because of government programs that are supposedly designed to help them.  Families have been destroyed because of poorly-designed welfare programs. Minimum wage laws have devastated black job figures. Government programs to help blacks may well have widened the wealth gap. [snip]
The greatest single impact devastating black wealth was the program that pushed financial institutions to grant mortgages to unqualified borrowers who, when they defaulted on mortgages they could not afford, lost their equity and ruined their credit histories.
Perhaps, Barack Obama might listen to the sage advice of one of America's greatest thinkers, Shelby Steele. He was asked by playwright David Mamet what could be done to help black Americans. In the saddest voice Mamet had ever heard, Steele answered "leave us alone". Chicago

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Quite Rightly said...


Back in 1972, it was still possible (barely) for a community organizer to be found guilty of fraud and embezzlement, which, as you point out, have been elevated to the status of necessary virtues by this administration.

Anne said...

Sigh is right.

We really need to throw this guy out for any chance at all for the country.