Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dems to Moms: You Don't Count

Having cemented the leftie booboisie in our minds, yes, this is the next genius move on the part of Dem strategerists to distract from the fact that thousands of women have lost their jobs under the disaster that is Obamanomics. And that the White House itself meets the definition of a hostile workplace. That independents are tuning out as the job market is dead in the water. And Me-chelle herself is preening that she's more popular than the president.

To wit:
Obama’s Allies Let Out What They Really Think of Ann Romney


So much for feminist solidarity on choice. Their Dem politics always trumps their supposed caring about women.

In Hillary's era they bleated everything was for the children. We saw how that went when a conservative carried the banner.

Now Dems are personally attacking a Republican candidate's wife right out of the box--mother of 5, breast cancer survivor and suffering from MS.

This is what an Obama administration/campaign looks like that is bankrupting the country and bankrupt of ideas--trashing moms of America. Trashing our future.

More. Michelle Malkin column and on the air.


MathMom said...

I know plenty of stay-at-home moms who would gladly empty their diaper pails on Hilary Rosen's front doorstep.

Anne said...

I can see it now