Thursday, May 31, 2012

Axelrod Rattled, Mitt's on a Roll

Deval Patrick backs away again from the Obama message (gee, what is it), which makes his own record look bad in comparison to Mitt's. Hmm, mmm, mmm. The Preezie's peerless political guru David Axelrod tackles the Romney record to no avail:

Gee, Davey Baby, how come you're not in Wisconsin? (Or somewhere else. Hiding in a blue state? Hey, come back to Illinois!) A good GOP record in Wisconsin, unemployment lower than nationally, because Gov. Walker's reforms are working. Property taxes are down, business outlook up, jobs created solid progress. Union membership is down. Walker can claim O's silly Forward slogan as his own, it's the Wisconsin motto from way back.

Better yet, while at his Mass. presser Axelrod gets questions about Dem Senate candidate Pinocchiohontas Elizabeth Warren.

Meanwhile, Romney is standing in front of O's crony greenie bust Solyndra, while Obama is at the White House with W, who jokes now you can look at his portrait and ask, what would Bush do.

Well, I do love W, he's a true patriot who kept us safe, but he's a big gov guy who spent too much.

So, the word is--run against Obama as Bush's third term.

I'd say campaign 2012 is off to a promising start:)

Let's roll.

P.S. My very own favorite tweet from the WI Walker-Barrett debate last week:

lol. Barrett accusing Walker of "national ambitions" and being a rock star. Obama hasn't shown up for Barrett

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LibertyAtStake said...

Still plenty of time for Carney to come out to the podium and blow 'retreat!' on the trumpet. :)

Anne said...

Not enough guts to sustain the note:)