Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama Responds on Che Flag

UPDATE: For the edification of readers who think this is the province of aging leftists, Tres Che Chic lives in Obama's target demographic--young, upscale and liberal. They can be excused for their naivete. What's Obama's excuse for hanging out with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers [Note: Ayers in NY Times on Sept. 11th. Kind of bad timing] and other hard-Leftists for years?UPDATE: Another image in the Houston Obama office. LGF. The Obama campaign responds on the Cuban/Che Flag incident.LGF:
At least they call the Che Guevara flags “inappropriate:” On Reports of an Inappropriate Flag in a Texas Obama Office.

February 12, 2008
From Houston Fox News:

“The office featured in this video is funded by volunteers of the Barack Obama Campaign and is not an official headquarters for his campaign.”

That’s some pretty weak tea.

Note that the video also says very explicitly: “Volunteers opened two new Houston offices for the Barack Obama campaign. Paid staffers for the Obama campaign are expected to man the offices by the end of the week.”

More on Obama's shady friends in Chicago from John Ruberry:

During his terror salad days, Ayers said this, "Kill all the rich people. ... Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents." Yes, this man is an education professor.

Of the Charles Manson killings, Dohrn emitted this ghastly comment shortly after the crime, "Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim's stomach! Wild!" And she is a law professor.

RezkoWatch discovers that Obama and the terrorist-twosome have appeared together:

In November 1997, Ayers and Obama participated in a panel at the University of Chicago entitled Should a child ever be called a "super predator?" to debate "the merits of the juvenile justice system".

In April 2002, Ayers, Dohrn, and Obama, then an Illinois state senator, participated together at a conference entitled "Intellectuals: Who Needs Them?" sponsored by The Center for Public Intellectuals and the University of Illinois-Chicago. Ayers and Obama were two of the six members of the "Intellectuals in Times of Crisis" panel.

Ayers, "who in the 1960s was a member of the terrorist group Weatherman and a wanted fugitive for over a decade as a result of the group's bombing campaign," is currently the Board Chairman of the Woods Fund of Chicago and Obama is a former Board member.

UPDATE: Bill Ayers in 2002, and giving a lecture today at the Chicago History Museum

UPDATE: Obama endorsed in 1996 by the DSA: Democrat Socialists of America. He was also endorsed by the far left New Party:

What was the New Party?

Strong in the mid to late '90s the New Party was an electoral alliance dedicated to electing leftist candidates to office-often through the Democratic Party.

Two organisations formed the backbone of the New Party-the Democratic Socialists of America and the US's largest radical organisation, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)
As far as Obama and ACORN we know about that already.

UPDATE: Baltimore Communists for Obama.

UPDATE: James Taranto picks it up in the WSJ's Best of the Web (scroll down):

Does Che Guevara symbolize the kind of "change" Barack Obama wants to bring to America?

Obama's Web site announces that the office is funded by volunteers of the Barack Obama Campaign and is not an official headquarters for his campaign." But it is yet another indication of how creepy his supporters tend to be. And, as we said, if this were a Republican and a Confederate flag, the calls for him to denounce it would be deafening by now.

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