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Obama Ayers Queering your Kids: Screw Math and Science

Latest take on Bill Ayers and his D.C. area Renaissance education lecture by law professor and political scientist Steve Diamond (who emailed me with a smile that he is not a liberal, and not a labor lawyer--my apologies).[Just to clarify, since I have pulled him into this post, Prof. Diamond is not a conservative. He describes himself as independent, democratic (corrected from center) left, which you can gather from the body of his work.] In at least one of the series of radio interviews over the last 10 days I had mentioned his earlier work on Barack Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers vis a vis the Annenberg Challenge (Barack's Dear Leader Education), and his more recent discovery of evidence that the Obama-Ayers relationship dates back to the 80's. A key passage, or two from Diamond's post:
Ayers’ and Dohrn’s bizarro view of American life grew out of their original experience in Students for a Democratic Society which was the major student anti-war organization for most the of the 1960s. As activists in SDS began to look for other issues to tackle they happened upon a combination of “community organizing” in poor neighborhoods and “local control” of urban schools. In both cases SDS activists tried to lead their own alternatives in poor and largely black parts of cities like New York and Chicago, ignoring the kinds of organizations such as unions and other non profit entities that had already established a presence there. [snip]

To have participated in the already well established labor and other movements, of course, would have meant a long hard slog through those institutions. That was not the kind of patience found in authoritarian “r-r-revolutionaries” like Dohrn and Ayers.

Thus it was not a big leap for Ayers to the Chicago School Wars in which he worked side by side with Barack Obama. They shared, and likely share, a deep affinity for what the Obama camp calls “race based” approaches to education and other aspects of American life. Ayers and Obama were both active in lobbying for local control of the Chicago school system in the wake of an unpopular teachers strike in Chicago in 1987 and 1988.

Ayers was on the side of local control to break the grip of the teachers unions. But what he wanted to impose was his own iron control and wanted to teach was radical indoctrination rather than actual subjects like math, science and reading:
The CAC files show the organization funneled money to activist organizations and did so on ideological grounds, favoring applications that focused on ethnic identity and bilingual education and turning down grant proposals which did not. Thus, CAC funded a Juneteenth effort by the South Shore African Village Collaboration and a peace school but rejected proposals by the Chicago Algebra Project aimed at increasing student achievement and the District 5 Math Science Initiative which was trying to increase the math and science competence of Hispanic youngsters.
...dooming yet another generation in the inner city. The Fascist Obama Campaign. More here. Note the Annenberg Challenge was a spectacular failure by their own findings. And this Renaissance agenda has now gone mainstream in the Obama administration, if still largely under the radar. (Note the Obama safe schools czar. Later reports assert the boy was 16, of age--he came forward in an interview with the leftie Media Matters. But this is still disturbing coupled with Obama's advocacy of sex-ed for kindergartners. My concern is not so much high schools, but GLSEN-pronounced glisten, NAMBLA and elementary schools. Writing a forward to the book, The Queering of Elementary Education. A dip into the book here. Gates of Vienna:
Nor is it ever too early to begin stamping out heterosexism. A 2002 GLSEN conference in Boston held a seminar on “Gender in the Early Childhood Classroom” that examined ways of setting “the tone for nontraditional gender role play” for preschoolers…

…a 1999 book, Queering Elementary Education,with a foreword by GLSEN executive director Kevin Jennings, offers essays on “Locating a Place for Gay and Lesbian Themes in Elementary Reading, Writing and Talking” and “How to Make ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ in the Classroom”-the scare quotes showing the queer theorist’s ever present belief that categorizing gender is a political act.
The book in question was also endorsed by that famous terrorist/bomber and college educator, Bill Ayers.
For comprehensiveness, nothing beats a GLSEN-recommended resource manual distributed to all K-12 public schools in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. The manual presents an educational universe that filters everything through an LGBT lens…
And this is very disturbing: Obama's Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings wrote that killing someone who called you a name was not aberrant behavior. No wonder Ayers is on board with these guys. (Jennings was a member of ACT Up?) As Diamond quotes:
Students [in schools of education] who are preparing to become teachers need a set of experiences that reflect multiculturalism, ethnic pluralism, and sex equity awareness…It is significant that the principles upon which the Renaissance Group was founded recognize multiculturalism as a campus-wide responsibility.”
And while Ayers shared the liberal limelight with fellow Chicagoan and Obama Sec. of Education Arne Duncan in D.C., Ayers was conspicuously left off the stage with Duncan in Chicago--at the Four Seasons photo-op deploring the youth violence (beating death of youth by youth) in our President Barack Obama's old community organizing stomping grounds. Wouldn't want the link with violence, threatened or all too real, to be too obvious.

And so we have Bill Ayers, the product of suburban schools, Barack Obama, the product of private schools, Arne Duncan, the product of the Hyde Park University of Chicago Lab School, all denying inner city children school choice, and condoning their forced indoctrination--I suppose qualifying them for a career as a Chicago public school teacher. Meanwhile kids are being killed as a matter of routine.

And where does our President Barack Obama send his own children? First to the Chicago Lab School, now to the exclusive Sidwell Friends. And Michelle writes sweet little op-eds.

P.S. But it's all just a matter of a few bleepin Che posters.

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