Friday, February 18, 2011

Scott Walker: Your son is in my class

Pamir Kiciman
by AvalonSensei
Scott Walker: Your son is in my class. Fave Wisconsin protester sign. Read it all:

This is creepy

"I protect him" ?!

You tell me that's not personal intimidation. Involving a child. Any parent would be upset by this. These people are bullies.

This is wrong in every way.

More. The Wheeler Report
by SykesCharlie
State Journal: Madison School District files injunction to get teachers back into schools.

WEAC Publishes Home Addresses of Wisconsin Legislators

They are BULLIES and THUGS.

...These people had signs with crosshairs on Gov. Walker's face. And now they're pointedly mentioning his son.

More. Rally tomorrow. Fight the hate, right? Via the Instapundit:MIKE FLYNN: Winning The Future Means Winning In Madison.

Charles Sykes
Breaking: legislators told State Capitol not secure after 10 pm: urged to get members out. Professional union thugs coming.

More. In case you missed Jay Nordlinger this morning on the left's propensity for violence.

I would add even in my normally polite suburb tires were slashed in school parking lots during a strike some years ago--and children of non-cheerleading school board parents are routinely harassed. Of course parents like that are rare--openly.


yukio ngaby said...

Real cute.

Exactly who does she protect him from, I wonder?

The lions, wolves, bears, and other beasts running wild through the Wisconsin school grounds?


Anne said...

This creeps me out.

As you say. Who is she protecting him from?

Maybe this guy:

But her comment seems like a threat to me. Or else

sofa said...

They did not go to work today, again.

No teachers = Harming children?
Fire them.

No teachers = Helping children?
Fire them.

Fire them all immediately.
"Do it for the children."

Anne said...

Yes. They should be fired.

Anonymous said...

I teach him, I protect him, I inspire him... I issue his grade.
How do her students feel about her protesting?

Anne said...

Yes. Tyrants in the classroom, unveiling the threat outside of it.

Granola Girl said...

A more sinister "I know where you live" veiled threat. Ugh.

This is wrong on so many levels.

Anne said...

Teachers have too much power over kids as it is. And with this they're flaunting it in a particularly ugly setting.

Liberals always, always make personal attacks.

With this they're attacking a child.

No matter how they want to portray it.

It's abusive.