Monday, September 03, 2012

Boss Barack and the Felons

So the Illinois Dem delegation is missing some of its shining stars. Like jailbird Blago, budget buster til we're broke Mayor Daley, and Jesse Jr., perhaps the next felon, hiding out at the Mayo Clinic. No hugfest this year.

Toni dump all the bad crap on the Republicans (cuz there are so many in Chicago) Reagan deserves a special place in hell Preckwinkle.

But no worries, they still have Luis Apartments Gutierrez. Valerie Jarrett, slumlord, and Obama's brain/crutch, Iron Mike Madigan, Dick California Dreamin' Durbin. And uh, Rahm?

Stunning failure. Four years later.  Crooks and bad ideas.

Welcome to the new Dems.  Just like the old Dems. And a very few just going through the motions.

---Sand castle pix.

P.S. Via MemeorandumLabor tries to soften image with 'hug a union thug' booth in Charlotte

Have you hugged your thug today? Labor Day Union Special: Chicago Mob Is Union Movement-Union Movement is Chicago Mob

Take your pick. Stern. Trumka. Lewis.

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