Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Too many thugs around here

Yet another mob comparison under this administration. This time it's not ACORN, or the SEIU, or Rahmbo, or the New Black Panther Justice Dept., or the President himself, it's the other de facto part of the perennial Dem, now Obama entourage--the MSM. Jeffrey Lord, TAS: Al Gore and the Media Protection Racket

And back in Chicago the local media is obsessed with some resume exaggeration on the part of the GOP Senate candidate, a squeaky clean moderate, equating it somehow in severity of behavior to the Democrat Bleepin' Golden mob banker who serves as Illinois state Treasurer. How is this a good thing in itself to have someone in public office with such sleazy connections, and now he wants to be the state's U.S. Senator?

Now we learn through the Blago trial Alexi Giannoulias wanted Blago to appoint him to the seat too.

This is the same media who busted into Obama's Dem Senate opponent's divorce files, busted into his GOP Senate opponent's divorce files. Barack was the establishment pick.

The same media who was curiously uninterested in our President Barack Obama's life aside from his supposed autobiography, while going through Sarah Palin's garbage cans.

The same media who doesn't ask one single question about the Gulf disaster after the G20 summit.

Many of us began as bloggers because we could see the establishment at work in our city and community newspapers--the only time you'd get an inkling about what was going on was in the letters to the editor, and even then you could easily be edited out. Which made many of us wonder what else we weren't hearing about.

Lately it seems like many Americans have a sense of urgency about the future of our country--we're all quoting de Tocqueville in one manner or another. And yet we get cheeseburger date lovefests on foreign policy from AP and have endured rosy scenarios on ObamaCare and the economy from most national publications, but thankfully not all.

There are too many establishment thugs around here who want us to just shut up.


Remember in November.

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