Thursday, April 07, 2011

Chicago Firefighter Elected Alderman, Beats Rahm Machine. Obama Millennium Park Campaign

John Kass sets the scene. Here's a snip:
And Emanuel, who talks a lot about reform, endorsed Rice. Rahm owed DeLeo. Now Rice's defeat exposes weaknesses of both DeLeo and Emanuel.
A few weeks ago, former mobster Frank Calabrese Jr. visited Chicago, publicizing his book on the Family Secrets trial of the Outfit, and Calabrese went out of his way to mention mob ties in the 36th Ward.

That gave Sposato the opening to call for U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate these claims.
Will Sposato be a one-termer? Will Fitz take down Blago while keeping Rahm and Obama's names out of it? Will Rahmbo really take on the public unions?

The Obama campaign HQ is back in Chicago, this time overlooking Millennium Park, a few blocks from City Hall. Mayor Daley's brother Bill has traded places in the White House with Rahmbo.

Chicago's population is back to 1920's levels. Illinois has lost a congressional seat. The Dem governor was narrowly reelected with public union support in the city.

A small sign of hope in Chicago, but it didn't come from the powers that be around here.

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