Monday, March 05, 2012

Chicago Police Chief Panders to Terrorist Front

CAIR. Garry McCarthy, what a PC disgrace, part of a pattern. We'd like NYC's Raymond Kelly here:
New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly defended his department's operations again Saturday in a speech at Fordham Law School, as about 60 protesters marched outside. Addressing New Jersey officials' complaints that the NYPD overstepped its bounds by not fully informing them of officers' activities, Kelly noted 746 Garden State residents were killed in the9/11 attacks.

"If terrorists aren't limited by borders and boundaries, we can't be either," Kelly said. "It is entirely legal for the Police Department to conduct investigations outside of city limits, and we maintain very close relationships with local authorities."
We already know Chicago is a terror target.

Take a look at my previous post. Think and rethink.

Oh, and what's the old Electronic Intifada Obama Chicago buddy...
More. Obama Chicago ally Ali Abunimah in a NY Times op-ed defending Hamas. The American Thinker tackles part of the duplicity. Hey, Chicago Tribune, owner of LA Times--can we see the 2003 Chicago Arab-American dinner tape, hmm?
...Ali Abunimah up to these days. At the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, of all places. The high priests of PC.

Happy damn Dem days are here again.

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