Saturday, March 03, 2012

Cardinal Dolan: Don't Impose the Unconscionable

His blog:) His talk today. Perhaps the first American pope. (Or perhaps our own Cardinal George)

Why does the media omit that Obama's HHS is mandating coverage of abortion pills. Most reasonable people don't think of abortion as contraception.

Because abortion shouldn't be used as birth control. Should it. Even if you think it should be legal, it shouldn't be routine. Should it.

You know HHS will push for us to pay for abortions, even if we object as a matter of conscience.

And then?

So this is the sorry state of feminism today. Those women who worked long and hard for the right to vote nearly a hundred years ago are now betrayed by those who are giving away the right to life...liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

To a government that views individuals as expendable, a regime that tramples on our very souls.

The very kind of tyranny we fled to found this country.

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John Ruberry said...

It's best not to mess with Dolan--with Benedict ailing, he may end up succeeding him.

Anne said...

Let us pray.