Thursday, September 09, 2010

Are the rest of us whores, then?

"After 9/11, I noticed people were confused, not wanting to learn but just going on what they see in the media," said Syed, 36. "The impression it leaves is … that Muslim women are being oppressed, suppressed, abused and forced on — everything that Islam does not stand for. Islam respects women. We are a love-thy-neighbor people just like the other Abrahamic religions."
Really? Are you cloistered too?

(And Tribune--no more quotes from CAIR. It undermines any shred of credibility for your not so veiled attempt at moderation. Who is Fatima Mohammadi?)

Are the rest of us whores, then?

Is this woman a whore? Do we want this here?

Does she deserve it?

Did she get beaten lightly?

Glossy books don't cut it. We've seen other pictures.

Until you're honest you have no respect from me.

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This religion, as it stands, is an abomination. The dominant Islam is not compatible with Western freedoms.

Sharia is a supremacist doctrine. There is no reciprocity of religious tolerance. The end game is a terrorist theocracy.

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