Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chicago Woman Believes Beach Violence Covered Up

Story and video, NBC Chicago. "Denial is not protection".
View more videos at: http://nbcchicago.com.
She says she saw a woman being beaten and the crowd cheering, then called 9/11. Her voice is on the tape.

This is the Chicago Lakefront, ringed by fancy hotels, shops and condos.

There's a rumor going around these flash mobs are being community organized.

How bout a statement from the Obama campaign HQ just a skip and jump away from the beach on the new tone in Chicago. Or was this woman acting stupidly.

More. Zilla commented below, here is her post, including personal experience: Racism everyone pretends doesn't exist.  And HT to her for this Walter Williams piece:  America's new racists, which includes a discussion of pervasive PC media bias. Including the Chicago Tribune.

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Zilla said...

Violent acts of black racism have been getting minimalized, dismissed and/or completely covered up by the media and the authorities for as long as I can remember. A necessary consequence of this is that it's getting worse and will continue to do so until people force the silence to be broken. I have a big post about it here, if you've got some time: http://zillablog.marezilla.com/2011/06/racism-everyone-pretends-doesnt-exist.html

Anne said...

Thanks Zilla!

Zilla said...

Linked to your great post in my new post, here:
Regarding the violent racist mobs in Philadelphia, the cops there say they are worried about ... wait for it ...
the intended victims protecting themselves! They are afraid one of the assailants will get hurt and because these thugs are so young, the injured criminal could turn out to be a minor. Not as big a worry in Chicago since they've got those ridiculous laws keeping law abiding citizens from carrying self defense weapons.

Anne said...

Usually Dems are big on the victim always getting the PC nod--except when they're not a member of their favored PC class.

This is not rule of law any more, this is rule by thugs and their enablers.

We need to exercise our First Amendment in defending the Second Amendment. Among other things.