Friday, January 21, 2011

Obama's going to run as an outsider

Oh yeah. Tribune:
Observers said a key factor in choosing Obama's adopted hometown as his campaign base is the anti-Washington climate that has swept the country.
Those insider outsiders. A long tradition. Then there's this:
Another is the insurgency candidacy anticipated from Obama's rivals, who are expected to make the case that Obama has become a Washington politician.
No. He's a Chicago Way pol gone to Washington. Bill Daley goes to the White House, as his brother retires as mayor.

Rahmbo's leading the pack to replace him.

And who is going to lead The One's reelection effort? David Astroturf Axelrod, current head of the White House political office Patrick Gaspard and the SEIU, getting ready for another corrupt run. The ultimate insiders who are driving this state and country into bankruptcy.

P.S. My candidate for the Dems for president is the governor of Illinois, Governor Quinnocchio. There's the real record of Dem accomplishment. NOT.

More. Chicago Daily Observer: Attention Greg Hinz: Rahm Emanuel is a Political Insider

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