Monday, September 17, 2012

CTU thuggery all of a piece in Chicago: The Case of Pete's Fresh Market

It's not just the teachers shaking down city folks, while leaving kids at risk on the streets. Every day in some way, fear reigns in this town. Shakedown on the West Side:
First, a group of gentlemen who claim to be from the neighborhood stopped by the site and demanded jobs.  They appeared to be organized; not just a few guys walking down the street looking for work.  They came to the site, knew who to ask for, and demanded to be given jobs.  Pete’s owner happened to be on site and suggested they fill out applications for employment; he even provided them with the forms.  The group was told however that unless they were licensed, insured, and bonded that they could not be employed for construction work.  That was unacceptable to the group and they began to get loud, pushy, and generally belligerent.

When the group was asked to leave the situation escalated.  One of the group’s members brandished a handgun.  Another told Pete’s owner that if they weren’t given jobs they would break every store window after it was open.  Only after the group was informed that police had been called did they break-up and disappear into the streets and alleys.
Putting the unsettling experience behind them, Pete’s owner and the construction crew got back to work.  However a few hours later they would be interrupted again, this time by a city Streets & Sanitation inspector.  Pete’s was having a bad day; because the inspector proceeded to write Pete’s for 21 violations.
I'm shocked, shocked. Are we mad as hell yet, Chicago. Apparently not, because these are the allies of the guys who keep getting voted in. Aren't they.

Golly gee, sounds kinda like this:
More. Convicted of vote fraud, head of Ald. Moreno’s political group sees his record wiped clean by Quinn
And some more insight on the Chicago Way:
He has been at the forefront of one of the 1st Ward’s most controversial issues, joining Moreno in pressing the Congress Theater to take greater crowd-control measures after a rape occurred nearby during a show last year.
Congress Theater owner Eddie Carranza, who faces the possibility of losing his liquor licese, has accused the alderman’s office of pushing him to hire members of the 1st Ward First group as security guards.
 Elias and Moreno say they only suggested that community members would be best qualified to help patrol the area around the concert venue and never demanded that Carranza hire their political allies.
Yes, that Moreno. You see how it works? Thugs.
Or this: Chicagoland Shakedown: Why It's Impossible to Run a Business Without Breaking the Law

 ... One of Chicago’s food deserts may not be getting a grocery store after all.

Ah well, maybe Me-chelle can ask the alderman what's going on. Fat chance.

The bluer a city, the bluer a state, the fewer private sector jobs it tends to create
Kotkin grasps the most important facts about urban development today: without rapid, small business led growth, there is no way that the residents of our inner cities can escape the cycle of poverty that has them in its grip.  And progressive blue politics as conventionally understood systematically squeeze and crush growth in our cities.
 Chicago's Problem in a Nutshell

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Montserrat said...

The First Lady wants kids to eat better, but who is it who prevents a quality grocery store from opening in the neighborhood?

Oh, that's right, Chicago Democrat politicians.

Gee, if there were only someone she could call . . .