Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's Ryan!

Update. Full video of Paul Ryan (R-WI) inaugural veep candidate speech:

My Ryan favorites:

The President Cries Wolf

Schakowsky vs. Paul Ryan on CNBC

Jan Schakowsky is Frightened

Ryan Reaction. And Joe the Biden Falls Asleep (Videos)*Daley Reaction:):
Update with hilarious photo via Drudge. Bill Daley looks upset. Geithner is trying not to laugh.*The president's speech. Initial reaction, more via RCP. Ryan:Rep. Paul Ryan Slams Obama: Speech Was "Excessively Partisan"
What Kills A Skunk, Part Two: ... And I encourage Paul Ryan to run for president.

Roadmap to My Heart. Ryan Has Fans:) Obama Losing (It) Some

What's with The Joker picture of Ryan?

Are You Really “On Your Own” in a Free Market? Brit NHS Turfs Out New Moms
Capitalism is about service to others, or you don't succeed:) And compassion works best closer to home, not crowded out by big gov. Republican House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, talks about his reform budget, guided by his Catholic faith.
Dick Durbin's Dereliction of Duty. Gen O Debt Bomb

Dems called Ryan a radical:
If Romney and the Republicans can erase their radical record...
Radical? Romney and the Aunt Bea brigade?

Is Republican House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan a radical?
In fact, since actual spending in 2008 was $2.98 trillion, Ryan’s budget represents a 20 percent increase in spending in 2012 — higher than inflation from 2008 to 2012. How is that cruel and heartless?
Ryan,who comes from a hard-working many Dem district on the Wisconsin Illinois border, whose plan merely slows spending but pulls us back from the fiscal cliff?

Is it radical to demand the Dem Senate pass a budget? Is it radical to blast this president with HALF of new college grads jobless or underemployed? Huge numbers moving back in with their parents? Facing massive student debt. Expected by feckless Dem leftists running this country to shoulder enormous fatboy gov debt?

Three generations sitting around the kitchen table wondering how to make ends meet?
Good luck calling us radicals, Dems.

We're free radicals:)

On to the announcement in an hour on the USS Wisconsin:)

Paul Ryan poses with his bow and arrow in his congressional office. In the UK, this pic would kill a political career  

winner in US !!!! :)

P.P.S. Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan
  'Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan' - Business Insider
And this.

---thanks for the link, Bill! :)

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